born in the wrong era.

I recently returned to sharing my love and appreciation of vintage furniture and art with like-minded souls. I didn't realize that a part of me had died in the eight years that I had been away from the antiques business.

My attraction the 60s era began when I purchased my first Beatles record at the age of five. My obsession with the Beatles took me to my local library where I spend hours researching and photocopying everything I could find about them and the British Invasion. I must've spent a good part of my childhood going to libraries with bags of quarters to photocopy and then scrapbook pictures which naturally featured the fashions and furnishings of the era. I probably was not a typical child growing up in the 80s. -While my friends carried Trapper Keepers with Lisa Frank stickers and Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, my binder was filled with cut out black and white photocopied images from the 60s glued onto hole-punched copy paper.

I grew up in Queens and at the time, my neighborhood was transforming with an infiltration of young families as the original homeowners passed and downsized. There were garages sales everywhere, every weekend. My mother frequented garage sales and estate sales where I would pick out things that looked like what I had seen in those Beatles photographs and 60s books. My most treasured of all my childhood finds was a vintage Jackson Pollack puzzle.


And this was how my l love and wonderment for this remarkable time in design and architecture history began.

I was attracted to the music and culture of the 1950's and 1960's since the age of five which is when I purchased my first Beatles vinyl record. My connection with this era would grow stronger when I moved to college and needed to furnish a place of my own. I didn't realize it then, but I had filled my college apartment with Mid Century wares. There was something sexy and nurturing about the clean and creative execution of Mid Century products.

You cannot find better quality and brilliant designed pieces than those made in this era. I also embrace the practice of respecting our environment and believe that over-consumption and waste invades our freedom in many respects. It makes sense to purchase and appreciate vintage items in your home, not only for the built-to-last quality of the items but also because buying vintage gives items a new purpose and with this practice, we are being proactive in relieving our great Earth from over consumption.

Thank you for visiting my shop and look forward working for you. My inbox is always open to questions or special requests. If you are looking for a particular item I will make note to be on the look out on my Mid Century adventures on the road. Blessings.

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